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kbmMW Features #1 – Pretty binary

The new kbmMW Features blog post serie will talk about various smaller, but useful, features within kbmMW. This blog will be about the new upcoming TkbmMWPrettyBinary class found in kbmMWGlobal.pas.

kbmMW’s logging framework has for quite a while had the ability to convert binary data to “pretty” readable string data. Since such a feature can have broader use cases, I decided to extract it  from the logging framework into a selfcontained class of its own.

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REST easy with kbmMW #10 – Logging to a database

In the upcoming release, the logging feature will have been improved in various ways. One of the new inclusions is the TkbmMWVirtualLogManager and its interface IkbmMWVirtualLogManager.

The virtual log manager can for example be used for logging select logs to a database, which this short blog will focus on.

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