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REST easy with kbmMW #12 – Fishfact demo using HTTP.sys transport

People has asked about how to use the HTTP.sys transport (TkbmMWHTTPSysServerTransport). First… what is HTTP.sys thing? It is the foundation for Microsofts Internet Information Server….

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kbmMW Features #2 – Remote desktop

The new kbmMW Features blog post serie will talk about various smaller, but useful, features within kbmMW.

This blog will actually be about a quite big feature, namely kbmMW’s Remote Desktop features which is part of kbmMW Enterprise Edition.

There exists various ways to interact with your computer when you are not at home. To mention a few, VNC (Tight, Real, Ultra etc), GotoMyPC, LogMeIn, TeamViewer and obviously Windows own RemoteDesktop. 
But kbmMW’s Remote Desktop is a worthy competitor to them all for no additional cost when you have kbmMW Enterprise Edition. And it performs just as good as the above products, but with even much lower CPU usage.

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