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      There is an issue with BCD fields of kbmmemtable. It cannot store values.

      How to demonstrate the problem.

      Create a kbmmemtable with TBCD fields and then link them to TDBEdit control. As soon the DBEdit tries to store the value into the field, it raises exception External SIGSEGV.

      My Enviroment is Lazarus v2.0.2 64bits with FPC 3.0.4 on Ubuntu 18.04 64bits. KbmMemTable version 7.82.00 Standard Edition

      TBufDataSet (a memory database included with lazarus/fpc) handles it well.

      I’ve made a small  demo, please download and compile with lazarus:


      The data edits at left panels is the DBedit links to TBuffDataSet and the right panel is with TKbmMemTable. There is no problem putting some values in the left panel, but I get SIGSEGV exception on the right panel.

      Of course you should patch kbmmemtable to work in lazarus 64bits as my previous post.

      I wish this can be resolved soon. Thank you.

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