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    Yesterday I installed the latest version of kbmmw enterprise and now I experience some issues with the EnableRTTI and kbmMWRegisterKnownClasses methods. The same problem occurs in the ORM standalone demo. The error message is:

    Type ‘TObjectList<uData.TPerson>’ is not declared in the interface section of a unit.

    If I am correct in the previous version you had to add both TSomeObject and the TObjectList<TSomeObject> to the EnableRTTI and kbmMWRegisterKnownClasses methods.

    It goes wrong somewhere between the kbmMWRtti GetQualifiedName and System.Rtti GetQualifiedName.

    I am running Delphi 10.2 Pro

    Any suggestions what the problem might be?


    Thanks in advance,


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    Francisco Armando Dueñas Rodriguez

    I have the same issues:

    I fixed it just by declaring a class like:

    TPersonList = TObjectList<TPerson>;

    This goes below the declaration of the Class Tperson and thats fixes that issue.

    But after doing some tests ti the kbmMWORM Standalone demo, after exiting it seems there are some memory leaks there.

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    Hi Francisco,

    I think I used that construction before, but it gave some issues (not sure anymore what it was). I didn’t have time to dive into it, but I think something has changed between te previous release I used  an this one.

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    Yeh… the issue happened with the current release. Next release will fix it again.

    For the moment, you need to ensure that there is a public reference to TObjectList<yourobject> to have the RTTI compiled in.

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