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      Hi Kim,

      I’ve created a fileserver+client with kbmmw and uploading works fine except with large files (the file I tried was  a +5GB zip ). I don’t get any exception it’s just that the file transfer seems to stop after 1.009.617 kb this number is the same every time.

      I have set the MaxFileSize property to zero. Any suggestions what might be the problem?

      kbmmw 5.09.00 enterprise with Delphi 10.2.3

      På forhånd tak

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      I figured out that downloading a large file doesn’t work either. I think the cause is that an int 64 is assigned to an VarArray with varIntegers.

      function TkbmMWFileService.PerformGET


      // Prepare result.
      Result[1]:=ofs; //is an int64
      Result[2]:=sz; // is an int64

      Although I didn’t find anything for my upload problem I suspect it could be the same type of issue.


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      I also have an issue that the transfer is very, very slow. I think I am doing something wrong, but I have no clue what it is.

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      The slow transfer issue is solved. I have changed the chunksize to 1048576 and the speed is good now. There is however still an issue with downloading a large file. See the code in the second post. Uploading large files (larger than max int) doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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