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    In my application I have an object with a memtable property that is used as a result value for a rest method. Both the structure and the data comes from another kbmMWUnidacQuery. To copy the structure I used:

    Result.SearchResultData.CreateTableAs(qSearchResult, [mtcpoStructure]);

    And for the data I used:

    Result.SearchResultData.LoadFromDataSet(qSearchResult, [mtcpoProperties]);

    First I tried without the mtcpoProperties but it didn’t work. There where some errors that some values where required although I had set required to false for all source dataset fields. After adding mtcpoProperties it does work but I don’t know why?

    What exactly does mtcpoProperties does?


    Thanks in advance!

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    mtcpoProperties indicates that various properties for defined TFields are to be loaded from the storage. The properties loaded are EditMask, DisplayLabel, DisplayMask, ReadOnly, Required and a couple more. My guess is that you have a readonly field defined, which is then set to non readonly when you load data with properties.


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