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    I am not sure if this is a kbmmw issue or not. I have used ORM.ToDataset in multiple test applications without any problems. In my main appplication however I get strange behaviour. When the code is executed MainWndProc gives an exception and the fieldnames are showing in application but not the values. I have logged the values and that seems to be alright.

    Any suggetion what may be the issue here? Do I need to add some unit to make this work? I have included kbmMWOrm


    Thanks in advance!

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    Have you registered the classes as known classes in your app?

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    Yes I did. Not sure if it’s important but the ToDataset method is not in the same unit as where I call the smartclient function returning the object that is used  in the ToDataset method.

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    Never mind I did something very stupid 🙁

    I had a dbaware control connected to a DataSource->kbmMemTable with a wrong datafield value in it. So the ToDataset method works fine but when it opens it goes wrong because of the wrong datafield.  I should have known it wasn’t kbmmw 🙂 Sorry!

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