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      Mehmet Yaşa

      Hi Kim,

      I was using kbmMemTable 7.73 until two weeks ago. And I upgraded to kbmMemTable 7.81 because of many good improvements.

      Today I saw that My devexpress master-detail grid detail view shows less data than existing. I created a sample application. I tried many things. When I tried SortOn command on detail dataset, detail lists is fixed.

      kbm.IndexFieldNames -> ‘IDField’ but this is not enough. I need run to kbm.SortOn(‘IDField’, [])

      I can send the sample application.

      Thanks for your interest.

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      Thank you for your report. Yes please forward a simple sample (not requiring any 3rdparty components except from C4D), showing the issue. Ill have a look. You can send to

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      The issue is that you load with definitions. That means that the designtime settings related to indexes and fields, will be scrapped, and new loaded from the file.

      After loading, set the IndexFieldNames to switch to the index, and it will work again, alternatively specifically define an index, and switch to it by its name after loading.

      Doing a SortOn also defines an index and switches to it.

      The reason why the DevExpress grid only show a subset of records, is because the order of the records results in the grid receiving a record that has a different value than the previous one, which is an indicator for the grid that there are no more records matching that “group”.

      So for DevExpress to work, the records must be ordered, and they are not right after you load the data in, unless you specifically order them as mentioned above.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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