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    I cannot make a WIB sample to work when deployed to Android phone

    the application wworks fine when is executed in windows, but not in android, it returns the “response for request ID 0 lost”

    using Delphi Enterprise 10.3.1 (rio) kbmMW Enterprise latest version

    the phone is Oneplus 5T with android 9 pie

    thanks for your time and  help.


    I’d like to buy priority support, can you please give me more information ?

    thanks again

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    Im running WIB on both Android and IOS, so it should work for you too. The thing to look for is your subscriptions both on the client and the server, and ofcourse that you actually do connect to the server from the mobile device.


    Regarding priority support, Im over my head at the moment, but I can recommend Benno Evers <b DOT evers AT eversct DOT nl>

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    Thanks for the answer, but I just recreated the demo “spoke” and it doesn’t work in android. It sends messages OK, they’re received ok in the Hub (windows) and in the other spokes (windows) , but the android spoke doesn’t receive messages from others spokes nor the hub

    The Android spoke is subscribing for “>”

    I feel very frustrated.

    I hope in the next release you can add examples of WIB that works for android/IOS  (please)

    I’ll try to contact Benno, but please let me know the moment you have a little time.


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