Teaser : Easy REST with kbmMW and Delphi

kbmMW has for many years supported REST, but it did require some manual work in marshalling data in and out. Further the URL’s allowed for calling kbmMW’s REST interface had to be formatted fairly strictly.

Using the new kbmMW smart service which is being developed, you can extremely easily publish functions to be consumed by the public via REST via any URL you like.

A kbmMW smart service which have some functions available for calling from smart clients (a new kbmMW client type) and REST clients, could look like this:


Examples on REST calls:


Its dead easy to create the server. Just have a central form/datamodule with a kbmMWServer instance, a transport with the new REST streamformat specified, and configured to listen on port 80, and add all the smart service units you want (like the above). Then only the following 2 lines are needed:

and you are running your REST and smart client server!

As usual all this can be combined with traditional services and clients. While REST calls results in objects automatically being streamed and unstreamed as JSON, smart clients will automatically stream and unstream object and interface instances in messagepack format, which is now also supported.

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Author: kimbomadsen

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