People developing for Android knows that checking it’s logfiles is a must, debugging any new application.

One can do it directly using adb.exe with the logcat command, but it outputs data to the console and is generally not really very useful due to the typical high amount of data produced by it.

Android Studio contains a log viewer application, but alas that requires installation of the complete Android Studio, which perhaps is overkill to check the contents of the log.

Some 3rdparty options also exists. Unfortunately they typically require Java or .Net to be available, and most of them are trials or limited commercials.

So when nothing exists that fulfills the requirements, the option is to make it yourself.

Thats what I did.

May I present kbmLogCat!

kbmLogCatIt is free and available for download from the C4D portal at if you do not have a login, please register and you will get immediate access to it.

kbmLogCat supports the various log buffers provided in Android, and contains advanced capture filter and live filter, storage and retrieval of log to/from a CSV file and sorting on the various columns.

It does not require Java or .Net to be installed.

When starting it first time, it will ask you for the path to the Android SDK.

If you have installed Delphi 10.1 Berlin with Android development option, you will typically find the SDK here:

You can use any Android SDK that contains adb.exe in the platform-tools subdirectory.

If it stops logging, it may be because adb.exe has gotten confused. Simply stop and restart the kbmLogCat application.

Happy logging and debugging on Android!



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