But we are working hard on kbmMW v5 final release.

In addition to all the cool stuff unique to v5:

  • like the object notation framework and YAML, BSON, MessagePack support
  • like the smart services and smart clients
  • like the new much improved logging and logformatters
  • like the much improved object marshalling to and from XML, JSON, YAML, BSON and MessagePack
  • like the much improved XSD importer
  • like the hundreds of new features and fixes in existing code

we also want to add one new essential major brick to ensure that YOU can develop applications faster, cleaner, cooler and more intuitive with kbmMW than with any other similar tool!

We expect to release v5 Professional/Enterprise Edition final (with the new feature in beta), supporting Tokyo within the next week.

kbmMemTable Standard and Professional Edition supporting Tokyo will be released at the same time.

best regards


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