How do I get a free kbmMemTable or kbmMW?

We provide a free license which can also be used for commercial applications. What you should look for is kbmMW CodeGear Edition.

The installer of kbmMW CodeGear Edition includes kbmMemTable CodeGear Edition, which thus installs automatically along with kbmMW CodeGear Edition.

Get kbmMW CodeGear Edition by logging in on

If you have never logged in on our download portal before, you will need to register yourself first. We do not verify the information you provide for name etc, but please, as a courtesy to us, type in your real name and accessible email address. as a minimum.

When you have logged in, you will have direct access to all the free products we currently offer, and in all the versions we have made available.

kbmMW CodeGear Edition do not include source code, so you will have to choose a version matching the development environment you have. CodeGear Edition only supports Delphi.

Further kbmMW CodeGear Edition is updated less regular than our paid versions of kbmMemTable and kbmMW. Latest version released of CodeGear Edition will only match latest version of Delphi. Thus the older Delphi version you will want to download for, the older version of kbmMW CodeGear Edition you will need to download.

What do you get with kbmMW CodeGear Edition?

  • A complete application server framework
  • Standard TCP/IP based communication channel
  • Remote dataset support with resolving features
  • Server side support for FireDAC, DBExpress,  IBExpress and SQLite
  • Advanced logging framework
  • Native XML support
  • Native JSON support
  • ISAPI communication support
  • Support for a subset of compression libraries
  • Support for a subset of hashing methods
  • Advanced DateTime with Timezone support
  • Server and client side dataset caching
  • Advanced actor, role, resource, condition based authorization manager
  • kbmMemTable with without source, but with indexing, filtering, ordering, SQL and more support

What  do you not get with kbmMW CodeGear Edition?

  • Source
  • Latest version
  • No limitations in server and client side caching
  • No limitations in number of concurrent server service instances
  • 35+ more database adapters
  • YAML, BSON, MessagePack support
  • Loadbalancing and failover
  • Messaging
  • High quality encryption functionality including AES and many other algorithms
  • High quality hashing functionality including SHA256/512 and many other algorithms
  • High quality readable password generators
  • High quality random generator algorithms
  • High performance compression algorithms
  • C++ support
  • Smart REST support for boilerplate free code
  • Smart services and clients for boilerplate free code
  • File service and client support
  • Advanced job scheduler support
  • XSD importer support
  • Apache Message Queue Protocol support
  • Advanced debugging support
  • HTTPSys high performance transport for REST
  • Integration support with .Net, Java, Apache Flex, Adobe Flash, PHP, K&R C, OCX
  • Most complete and performant multi monitor remote desktop support
  • Boilerplate free ORM support
  • And many more things

The above features are all available in kbmMW Enterprise Edition. kbmMW Professional Edition contains a subset of them. Both kbmMW Enterprise Edition and kbmMW Professional Edition includes source.

Please check our site for detailed feature matrix.



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