The CHM beast #2 – kbmMW – 30.000+ topics

The vast toolbox kbmMW Enterprise Edition contains more than 30.000 topics in the autogenerated CHM documentation.

For your browsing pleasure, I have auto generated a Windows CHM help for kbmMW Enterprise Edition v. 5.06.20, however only with a subset of database adapter and transport adapter features enabled. Thus you will only see database support for SQLite, MD (virtual data set) and MT (kbmMemTable).

Remember there are 33+ additional database adapters and another 5-10 transport adapters to choose between, which are not documented in this CHM, although they follow similar structure as those in this CHM.

In all there are more than 30.000 topics, 6.000 more than 12 months ago when last CHM beast was released.

The unsupported Zip compressed CHM file is here: kbmMWEntCHM_50620


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