If you have a commercial kbmMW license (kbmMW Professional Edition or kbmMW Enterprise Edition), you have the chance to get a commercial license for FastMM5 (which tests indicate is a great deal faster than FastMM4, and have more features) with 25% discount compared to the original price.

Follow this procedure:

Visit https://github.com/pleriche/FastMM5  and read the license and pricing info.

Using PayPal send the price MINUS 25% for the selected license, to paypal@leriche.org

Send an email to kbm@components4developers.com that you have made the payment. Include enough information for me to recognize you as a kbmMW Pro/Ent license holder. Then I will inform Pierre about it, and you will have a genuine commercial license for FastMM5.

You can request an invoice afterwards directly from Pierre. The GitHub site tells how.


2 thoughts on “FastMM5 author Pierre le-Riche and C4D signed a GREAT deal for you!”
    1. Hi,

      I have not made any formal benchmarks or tests of it as of yet. However Pierre do claim a 30% higher performance on highly threaded applications, in which category kbmMW easily can end up in on large setups.

      But since you can download FastMM5 for free for testing it out, you can try it out on your own known setup before making a buy decision.

      Just remember to live up to the license agreement for FastMM5.

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