We are happy to release next version of kbmMemTable.

  • Fixed Lazarus issues
  • Fixed hints/warnings
  • Added support for SQL parsing JOIN statements to be used for SQL rewriting in kbmMW.
  • Added new FastAppendRecord method which is a performance enhanced way to add a record to a table.

kbmMemTable is the premier high performance, high functionality in memory dataset for Delphi, C++Builder and Lazarus/FreePascal with kbmMemTable Professional topping the scales as being the worlds fastest!

It is running on all IDE supported platforms including Win32/64, Linux64, OSX, IOS and Android.

If you have an up to date Service and Update (SAU) subscription, then you can immediately visit https://portal.components4developers.com to download the latest kbmMemTable release.

If not, please visit our shop at http://www.components4developers.com and extend your SAU with another 12 months.



7 thoughts on “ANN: kbmMemTable v. 7.86.00 Standard and Professional Edition released”
  1. Hi, I send two emails for the support and sales address regarding some question I’ve about kbmmemtable. But didn’t get any answers… are these still operative? if not how can I get support?

    1. Hi,
      I did reply, but perhaps the reply has gone missing in a spamfilter?
      You asked if kbmMemTable supports FPC, and yes it works with FPC. I can not guarantee it works with all the FPC target platforms as I have primarily verified that it works with the Win32 target, but I see no reason why it should not work towards other targets.
      best regards
      Kim Madsen

  2. Hi Kim, how are you?
    I would like to know if there is a free version of KBMMemtable for Lazarus?

    1. Hi,
      Free versions of kbmMemTable and kbmMW are only coming in binary form in the kbmMW Community Edition, matching specific Delphi releases.
      To have access to a Lazarus supported version, you will have to purchase the US$30 Standard Edition license.

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