We are happy to announce not only an update to kbmFMX Std Edition (which is currently bundled with kbmMemTable), but also kbmFMX Professional Edition which adds our new superb virtual keyboard and breadcrumb controls.

This release introduces several new features:

  • New popup virtual keyboard that can replace system virtual keyboards on Windows and mobile platforms *1)
  • New Spanish, Swedish and French keyboard layouts
  • New compact mobile style keyboard layout with until 3 layered designs switchable via a virtual key
  • Fixes and improvements to kbmFMXKeyboard and TkbmFMXNumberEdit

Read more on our site at http://www.components4developers.com/

kbmFMX Professional comes with full source and can be purchased for only US$50 per named developer license and includes 12 months SAU (service and update subscription)

kbmFMX Professional Edition includes all features from kbmFMX Standard Edition, including TDataSource databound readonly grid, TDataSource databound image and memo controls, signature capture control, numeric edit control, advanced pan/zoom/rotate image control with optional areas of interest zones, busy screen overlay and more.

*1) Android may pop system keyboard up at 2nd press on an already focused TEdit, when the kbmFMXKeyboard is already shown. It is unfortunately happening completely outside our control.


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