We are happy to announce v. 5.15.00 of the most complete development toolkit for Delphi and C++Builder for building native modular and fast multi-tier solutions.

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We strive hard to ensure kbmMW continues to set the bar for what an n-tier product must be capable of in the real world!

Notice that kbmMemTable v. 7.92.00 or newer is a prerequisite to this update.

This is a combined bugfix and selected new features release.

The release includes:

  • New ORM features including the ability to copy tables and structures from one database to another.
  • Interbase/Firebird metadata improvements and SQL rewriting fixes.
  • SmartBind fixes and performance improvements
  • Improvements to SmartEvent
  • Several other feature improvements and fixes.

Please check the end of this post for a detailed change list.

Professional and Enterprise Edition is available for all with a current active SAU. If your SAU has run out, please visit our shop to extend it with another 12 months.

Community Edition (CE) can be used as a 60 day trial, alternatively as a free product, provided the license is followed. Please read license.txt file for details. CE supports a large subset of the Enterprise Edition features, but may have technical and artificial limitations in certain areas. It only supports a specific Delphi/Win32 SKU, produce Win32 executables and do not include source.

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kbmMW is the premiere n-tier product for Delphi, C++Builder and FPC on Win32, Win64, Linux, Java, PHP, Android, IOS, .Net, embedded devices, websites, mainframes and more.

Please visit http://www.components4developers.com for more information about kbmMW.


Components4Developers is a company established in 1999 with the purpose of providing high quality development tools for developers and enterprises. The primary focus is on SOA, EAI and systems integration via our flagship product kbmMW.

kbmMW is currently used as the backbone in hundreds of central systems, in hospitals, courts, private, industries, offshore industry, finance, telecom, governments, schools, laboratories, rentals, culture institutions, FDA approved medical devices, military and more.

5.15.00 Mar 28 2021

        Important notes (changes that may break existing code)

        * Require kbmMemTable v. 7.92.00!

       	Changes/minor additions

        - Improvements and fixes in SmartBind, including FMX listview and performance improvements.
        - Improved ORM, including new AsInserted and Batched to IkbmMWORMQueryStage.
          AsInserted will return a dataset with each record marked as newly inserted, which when resolved
          will insert the data into the datastorage of choise.
        - Changed ORM SurfaceDynamicTable to accept an AOptions argument.
          If mwqoFetchOnDemand is in options, AsDataset will attempt getting first batch of 200 records
          and for each call to AsDataset another batch will be returned until no more records, in which
          case the returned dataset is nil.
        - Added support for VAX timestamp (VAXLocalTimestamp and VAXUTCTimestamp properties) in kbmMWDateTime.
        - Added support for multiple kbmMW_Event attributes on each method for various subscriptions.
        - Added more functions to TkbmMWPlatformMarshal for converting memory data.

        - Fixed missing deregistration of memtable SQL API's
        - Fixed and improved Interbase/Firebird SQL rewriter resulting in ability to correctly describe and 
          create tables, including decoding default field values when they are constants.


2 thoughts on “ANN: kbmMW Professional and Enterprise Edition v. 5.15.00 released!”
  1. If you have a compile problem with OutputDebugString in kbmMWSmartBindVCL.pas, please clear your browser cache and redownload kbmMW Enterprise Edition v. 5.15.00 again.

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