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I have been volunteering to make a last minute 120 minute presentation about kbmMW tonight at 04:00 (Danish time) / 7pm (PST).

The quickly put together agenda includes (time permitting):

  • kbmMW as a typical n-tier product
  • Transport layers
  • The WIB messaging framework
  • Object notation systems (JSON, XML, YAML etc)
  • Logging
  • ORM
  • LINQ
  • SmartServices (REST and more)
  • SmartEvents
  • SmartBinding

There will be a few slides at first, but the remaining will be hands on code and demos and lots of talk.

If you have time, and want to see my pretty face (otherwise turn off video), and want to know more about kbmMW feel free to join online.

See you in the dark of the night!


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