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I had the pleasure of presenting for the Orange County Delphi user group in January where I had an ambitious agenda, which I did fear would not be possible to get thru all the way.

However we manage to get thru the following topics within a 2 hour period

  • kbmMW as a typical n-tier product
  • Transport layers
  • The WIB messaging framework
  • Object notation systems (JSON, XML, YAML etc)
  • Logging
  • Scheduler
  • ORM
  • LINQ

Leaving the following topics for a next time, which may be happening in May or June. I will update with a post when it is settled.

  • SmartServices (REST and more)
  • SmartEvents
  • SmartBinding

I did challenge the potential participants about seeing my pretty face, and now it is available for everyone to see, thanks to Jim who recorded the event. After a slightly rough first couple of minutes (isn’t it almost always like that with online presentations?), it went pretty smooth.

Check the recording on Youtube here:

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