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DAPUG is the Danish Delphi user group which started out in 1989, in the days where Turbo Pascal, Turbo C and Paradox were hugely popular products from Borland.

So at the time, the acronym DAPUG meant “DAnish Paradox User Group”, but today their focus is primarily on Delphi and Pascal and the acronym changed meaning to “Database Application Programmers Users Group”.

Thru the times, they have hosted prominent meetings with many of the known faces from Borland and the Delphi world.

I will do a 2 – 2.5 hour presentation of some of kbmMW, including

  • kbmMW? What is it?
  • ORM
  • SmartServices (REST and more)
  • SmartBinding

I will during the presentation get to slightly touch logging, transport layers, object notation frameworks, configuration, authorization and more.

As far as I know the session is open for any to join (physical attention only), but if you are not a DAPUG member you will need to pay a fee for lunch.

Find contact information here:


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