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We are happy to announce a bugfix release for kbmMemTable Standard and Professional Edition, fixing a couple of bugs reported by users:

Whats new in 7.77.20 Oct 1 2017
 - Fixed offset bug in PopulateField on 10.2 (Tokyo) IOS/Android.
 - Fixed Unicode comparison issues in SQL.
 - Fixed LIKE incorrect match bug in SQL.
 - Added support for ftFMTBcd in PopulateField.

Further we have released a RAD Studio 10.2 (Tokyo) compatible version of kbmFMX, which is our high performance Firemonkey controls for Windows, IOS, Android and OSX, which includes:

  • TkbmFMXDBGrid – A high performance, readonly, TDataset dataaware grid.
  • TkbmFMXDBMemo – A TDataset dataaware memo control.
  • TkbmFMXDBImage – A TDataset dataware image control.
  • TkbmFMXImageControl – A super versatile image control with build in support for pan, zoom (pinch and mousewheel) and rotate. In addition it supports adding active hotspots (zones) on the image.
  • TkbmFMXNumberEdit – A simple to use numeric editor control, which visually formats the number according to FormatSettings.
  • TkbmFMXVerticalLayout – A layout that automatically resizes vertically to contain all child controls. Useful in combo with a scrollbox.
  • TkbmFMXMemo – A regular TMemo, which correctly supports caret position.
  • TkbmFMXPaintBox – A paintbox, great for capturing signatures.
  • TkbmFMXProgress – A progress overlay.

kbmFMX is available as a free bundle with kbmMemTable Standard Edition, kbmMemTable Professional Edition, kbmMW Professional Edition and kbmMW Enterprise Edition.

Please visit to download the
latest and greatest versions of our paid for and free products.


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