We are happy to release next version of kbmMemTable.

  • New dynamic function library support
  • New TkbmCalculator and TkbmEvaluator classes for quick access to scripted math calculation and evaluation.
  • New FOR, WHILE, DEF, MUL, INC script functions.
  • Bugfixes
  • Compiles for FPC

kbmMemTable is the premier high performance, high functionality in memory dataset for Delphi, C++Builder and Lazarus/FreePascal with kbmMemTable Professional topping the scales as being the worlds fastest!

It is running on all IDE supported platforms including Win32/64, Linux64, OSX, IOS and Android.

If you have an up to date Service and Update (SAU) subscription, then you can immediately visit https://portal.components4developers.com to download the latest kbmMemTable release.

If not, please visit our shop at http://www.components4developers.com and extend your SAU with another 12 months.

Whats new in 7.96.00 Mar 28 2022
 * Notice OnGetFunction has changed significantly. 
   Now needs returning an interface instance, rather than the function pointer directly:
   if SameText(AFunctionName,'YourFunction') then

 - Added dynamic function libraries. (Unsupported by FPC)
 - Added functions: FOR, WHILE, INC, MUL, DEF for assistance of dynamic function libraries.
 - Added MaxCallDepth to TkbmMemSQL (default 100). If set to >0 it limits the call depth
   of expressions, for example preventing endless recursive calls.
 - Added TkbmCalculator and TkbmEvaluator classes which makes it easy to
   create calculators (non conditional math only) and evaluators (math with optional conditions and loops).
 - Fixed bug when using one of the various AddIndex... methods while table is closed.
 - Fixed bug when resetting IndexName.
 - Fixed copying internalCalcFields property in CopyFieldProperties
 - Fixed compilation using Lazarus/FPC.
 - Fixed filtered index not being updated when non key field is updated.

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