This is priarely a bugfix release, but it also includes a new ISAPI REST server side transport making it possible to host kbmMW based REST servers within Microsoft Internet Information Server’s.

Notice that kbmMemTable v. 7.78.10 is a prerequite for installing this version of kbmMW.

        New stuff
        - Added new TkbmMWISAPIRESTServerTransport REST capable ISAPI
          server side transport.

        - Fixed ORM kbmMW_Field ignores name.
        - Improved ORM MSSQL support
        - Fixed kbmMWNullable scope related issues in a loop
        - Fixed ORM SQL92 bugs
        - FireDAC adapter improvement. Added UseOpenOrExecuteOnExecute.
          Default false.
        - ORM field datatype detection and field metadata changed
          improvement. Now assumes unique and required with field is
        - Fixed 64 bit HTTPsys transport bug
        - Fixed special case YAML leak

Downloads readily available for users with up-to-date SAU from our portal at


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