Nov 13 2018 09:00 GMT:

The the culprit for the outage that lasted for approximately 3 hours has been found and power restored.

Our services are back up again.

Nov 13 2018 08:00 GMT:

Unfortunately the complete datacenter in which our services are hosted have experienced a poweroutage. Unfortunately it seems their emergency backup power systems also failed, so thousands of servers (not all ours 😉 ) are down at the moment.

It affects our email servers, portal and web servers.

We are waiting for news from them.

Oct 26 2018 23:00 GMT:

We are still lacking to get a nntp support site up again and still have a little to do related to the whitepapers on the web site.

In the meantime we have discovered this very nice site that we just would like to spread the word about. It is to late for us to benefit from it but you may.

Oct 12 2018 23:00 GMT:

The download portal had some issues related to cookie handling and visual issues due to an incorrect CSS file.

This has been fixed now. You should be able to login using your credentials. Remember that all old passwords has been reset, thus you will have to request a new password via the link at the login page.

You may need to clear your browsers cache (at least for stuff related to due to a potentially incorrectly defined cookie that has now been fixed.

Oct 11 2018 19:00 GMT:

Our website is mostly up again. We are still missing to get the feature lists and whitepaper lists working correctly.

The download portal is up again. We have, as a precaution, invalidated all accounts passwords, why you will need to request a new password which will be generated and sent to your registered email address, before you can log in.

The oldest product releases has been removed from the portal, since we lost the original downloadable files. We have not lost the source code behind the releases, but find that the time needed to regenerate the downloadable files is better spent.

We are looking at options for providing a potentially new support portal, with access to the old support data. It require quite some work from our side, why the support portal via nntp currently is down.

Oct 10 2018 02:00 GMT:

Our email system is working again. If you have sent emails we have not responded on the last couple of days, please resend them.

We are still working on getting the portal and web server up and running again. We have salvaged all configuration/customer data from the portal, and most of the historic downloads.

The newsgroups unfortunately are going to be on hold for a while, although we have salvaged all data for them.

Although our server has been constantly attacked by malicious clients, our kbmMW based webservers has held up very strongly. No attack has succeeded via those.

The attack vector used was via RDP and a poorly generated password issued by our hoster in relation to our otherwise unrelated outage a few days before.

I can assure you that the password quality has been upped since 🙂

Oct 9 2018 08:00 GMT:

As an non directly related aftermath on the previous outage, we unfortunately suffered a break-in on the server from a cryptolocker. We know the break in path and all indications are that it is a regular automated ransomware attack, rather than an attempt to get access to data.

We do not have any creditcard/payment information registered.

However to be on the safe side, we recommend you to change your passwords if you have reused passwords cross our site and other sites.

The attack has resulted in a major break down in our services, but nothing essential has been lost. We are working to get back online again.

Oct 5 2018 12:30 GMT:
Everything is now up and running again!

Oct 5 2018 01:00 GMT:
Unfortunately some of our remote server infrastructure went down yesterday, taking numerous services with it, including the portal, email and our homepage.

We are working with the host to get it back up asap.

We are very sorry for the caused inconvenience.


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