Or rather…. the opportunities of avoiding BREXIT.

Please bear over with me. If you are able to read towards the end of this post, you will get to the opportunities part, but until that point, I have something to get off my chest.

The last well over 2 years, BREXIT has been in the press and the last couple of weeks discussions about it is in the tabloids and news posts every single day, all over.

Let me say it out loud! I was strongly shocked when a bit over 17 million people in UK voted against continuing being part of EU, wanting to depart from the rest of us.

I’m not getting less shocked now the last couple of weeks, over how the whole thing seems farcical, and how it is possible for grown ups to act like toddlers fighting over who owns a lollipop, specially in the UK parliament.

The raising vocal level (in print typically) by many EU leavers, about how the EU is supposedly screwing them over, also annoys me significantly, specially because I personally do not think I, as a pro EU citizen of an EU member country, have screwed any of you 17.1 million UK citizens over!

I don’t think it is in the true interest of the UK to leave EU, but it is their choice to do so. Being their choice, then please be adult enough not to blame us pro EU people for it. Look inwards and blame your politicians and your tabloids and plenty of other internal issues. But don’t blame me or the other around 450 million people that continues to be part of the EU.

So what is the opportunity related to BREXIT? Well… I can’t do much about changing peoples minds about it, but I can offer a UK-IN-EU coupon code giving 30% discount on our products kbmMW Professional Edition, kbmMW Enterprise Edition including competitive upgrades, and UK-IN-EU-SUB which gives 30% discount on first subscription period for the subscription products kbmMemTable, kbmMW Enterprise Enterprise Edition additional SAU and kbmMW Professional Edition additional SAU.

The (unenforcable) condition of using the coupon code, is that it’s intended for those who would like UK to start on a fresh as a constructive and active member of the EU.

I will not expect Brexiteers to take advantage of it 🙂 But if you do, then please talk to your peers about who you really should point your finger at.

The coupon codes will work until and including March 29 2019.




2 thoughts on “The BREXIT opportunities”
  1. I also do not understand the vilification of the EU.
    It is not the EU forcing the UK to leave but the other way round.

    The EU is not perfect but they seem to have a better political system when
    I compare it to the quality of our politicians.

    Let’s hope that when I wake up it was all just a terrible nightmare.

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