I’m writing this blog using my mobile since I have been out of internet since June 30.

Why is that? Did I forget to pay the bill? Or did I get evicted? No… (un)fortunately that is not the case.

I moved…. still is moving…. well not just me, but the whole family.

Moving is the mother of all pain. All the stuff that has been collected and carefully stored with the silent intention of never seeing it again, suddenly pops out from everywhere occasionally making one take a trip down memory lane, but most often simply making ones life miserable due to the amount of dust you have to remove to actually being able to notice what the item really is. And then you have to wrap, pack, transport, unpack and finally throw away because the item did not survive the trip. All this while ones body starts to transform from a comfortably formed IT nerd shape to something sweaty slightly slimmer unrecognisable entity.

The fun of moving is also the fact that Murphy also have a say in this line of business. I’ve been dishwashing by hand since July 1. The dishwasher in the new place doesn’t work. Contacted repairman. Figured out it would be almost as expensive to fix as to buy a new. Contacted seller to make a deal. Everything settled. Waiting the shipment of the new washer. I ofcourse (of laziness) bought installation of the new and disposal of the old one too. Happy face…. I would not do the dishwashing this evening. Except….

The installer asked me how he was supposed to remove the old one…. The house had been extended (in mysterious ways) since they originally installed the old dishwasher….. So it was physically impossible to remove it without dismantling the kitchen. Arrrrgh.

So moving resulted not only in sweat, tired muscles, pain but also grievance and pocket pain having to rebuild the kitchen so I can STOP to do dishwashing by hand!

I’m sure the fun do not end there.

Fortunately I was prepared for this to be a 10 year project…. family not so much. I however did not expect washing dishes during that extended period of time.

The good news is that I have got plenty of space now. In fact I have so much space that I’m planning doing a number of multi day courses with dining for until 6 participants. So if you want to visit the sunny part of Denmark while learning something cool about kbmMW, kbmMemtable and Delphi, then let me know.

The price will be per day per participant and include nice meals and drinks. Optionally hotel is charged separately, alternatively sleepover at my can be arranged within limits.

The price is not yet set in stone but will probably be in the area of US$500 per day/participant + optional hotel.

About kbmMW … There has been several adjustments and some new features and fixes which will be released when I get a chance to get some work done.


2 thoughts on “So what is happening?”
  1. Sounds like a tight coupled house to me ☹ Maybe you can teach those Danish contractors some OOP principles 😀

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