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Replay of the webinar from Aug 31. 2019 is now available here:

Hi again,

It has been a while since the last blog post. I’m still not all settled, but the internet connection and computer equipment has fortunately been running now for quite a while.

I’m still heavily busy with all sorts of stuff I need to have done, including new releases, potentially a new packaging (more about that later) and all sorts of chores I absolutely must do to peace the people around me.

In my new surroundings, and inspired by a presentation I gave (remotely) a week ago for the Australian Delphi User Group, I’ve decided to check if it is a good idea to provide a biweekly or monthly webinar/virtual Delphi world wide user group meeting touching various kbmMW and Delphi features.

There is no cost to participate, so if you are just curious to what kbmMW or Delphi can be used for and how to use it, sign up without fear.

The plan is to let the meetings span 30-60 minutes. The language in the meeting is English (well probably with a heavy touch of Danish pronunciation).

The meetings will be recorded and placed on Youtube for posterity to watch.

What should be the topic of the first webinar? I have some ideas, but please provide your suggestions to what it should be about. meeting will be this Saturday 31. August 2019, at 15:30 (3:30PM) CEST (UTC+2).

Link to the meeting:

I have tentatively reserved 8 meeting dates/times, which you can download to your calendar system here:




7 thoughts on “#1 Delphi / C4D Webinar – REPLAY available”
  1. I would like further clarification and examples regarding the proper use of DevArt / PostgreSql Provider Connection Pull.

    1. I would like further clarification and examples regarding the proper use of DevArt / PostgreSql Provider Connections Pool.

  2. WIB on android (and WIB in general)

    Examples, best practices not just theory. thanks and best regards

  3. smartservices (rest + classic), combined with orm using both your own queries / table struct and also the kbmmw orm table approach.

  4. Hi,
    An intro to kbMMW for a complete newbie.

    No intermediate or advanced demo. Just a basic hiwyo get started with little assumption that the viewer ‘just knows’.


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