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Hi again,

The Delphi / C4D World Wide Webinar continues full speed ahead, this saturday September 14. 2019, again at 15:30 (3:30PM) CEST (UTC+2).

This time I have invited my good friend Boian Mitov from, who will attend with a great 40! minutes live presentation of all the stuff he is tinkering with. That includes the Visuino development tool for Arduino, written from scratch by Boian, OW Studio and some new goodies he is working hard on, and that has never been shown before to the public.

So prepare for a huge firework of cool stuff by Boian!

I will, time permitted, show some stuff about kbmMW SmartBind which is a very cool and easy to use way to bind properties and data and components without having to use LiveBinding or rely only on TDataset/TDatasource binding. This has been postponed to next show due to issues with my mic.

The replay can be found here:



7 thoughts on “#2 Delphi / C4D Webinar – REPLAY available”
    1. In the first sentence:
      “The Delphi / C4D World Wide Webinar continues full speed ahead, this saturday August 14. 2019, again at 15:30 (3:30PM) CEST (UTC+2).”

      Best Regards

  1. Thank you to Boian Mitov for his great show of OpenWire, Visioino, a preview of the “secret” LightLab which is being worked on and allot more stuff that was shown.
    Unfortunately I had massive technical issues with my mic(s) (tried several), which makes me deduce its probably not the mics, but rather Zoom that is acting up. For that reason I had to postpone the presentation of SmartBinding….

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