To compile kbmMW for macOS 64 bit, you need to open, and at line  600 insert the 3 lines highlighted below:

  // Exceptions for XE6 and XE7 which fails to compile lockfree code.
  {$IF (CompilerVersion=27) or (CompilerVersion=28)} // XE6/XE7

Next version of kbmMW will include improvements in the kbmMW Cipher area, including support for various padding methods including automatic unpadding.

The following padding algorithms are now included:

  • mwpmDefault – Unchanged padding method compared to previous kbmMW Cipher releases (backwards compatible)
  • mwpm00 – Pad with 0
  • mwpmFF – Pad with $FF
  • mwpmSpace – Pad with $20
  • mwpmRandom – Pad with random data. This cannot automatically be unpadded .
  • mwpmISOIEC7816_4 – Pad according to ISO/IEC7816.4
  • mwpmPKCS_7 – Pad according to  PKCS#5/PKCS#7
  • mwpmANSIX9_23_00 – Pad with $00 according to ANSI X9.23
  • mwpmANSIX9_23_Random – Pad with random data according to ANSI X9.23

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