Jim McKeeth has made a great blogpost, showing the extensive development, evolution and usage growth Delphi has been thru during the last 9 years, which the Tiobe index do not reflect.

Read his blogpost here: The trouble of measuring programming language popularity

Make sure to share this blogpost everywhere around, to make sure people take notice that Delphi is very much alive and well, and the absolutely easiest to use, development tool for creating bleeding edge, modern single source, multiple platform single and multiple tier applications.

I would personally not use Delphi, if it was not because Delphi is such a pleasure to program in. Focus on the functionality and UI, compile, test and debug in unsurpassed speed and be ready to deliver your well tested, speedy and low resource use, creation to your endusers.

Having developed with many other languages, including all the buzzword ones, I always find Delphi the tool that actually introduces enjoyment while developing.
Who have said that programming should not be enjoyable? It absolutely should!


One thought on “The extensive development of Delphi over the last 9 years by Jim McKeeth”
  1. Same here. There was a time I really only knew Delphi, so I used it by default. But I’ve been around the blocks a few times, and used, know, and taught a lot of other languages and tools, and still prefer Delphi. It isn’t perfect, but it is my preference. So glad to see it growing and expanding.

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