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Please read this message in whole before doing anything!

Notice that licenses for kbmMW will not currently be granted to companies or individuals from within Russia or Belarusia due to dual use regulations.
See this blog post for more information: Changes to access to software for Russian customers

If you choose to donate anyway, despite the current situation, we will of course honour the offer, if Russia, shortly, withdraws from Ukraine, and dual use regulations can be relaxed.

Donate minimum a one time donation of US$100 to the UN relief fund or CARE using the links below.

Then send proof of donation (the email received as a receipt) to C4D and receive free of charge a new shiny kbmMW Enterprise Edition license with all upgrades available for 6 months.

Donate here: https://crisisrelief.un.org/ukraine

If you would prefer to donate to CARE, do it here: CARE

Make sure to click one of the above links to get the donation send specifically to assist Ukraine! Donations going elsewhere are absolutely encouraged, but will not result in a free license of kbmMW Enterprise Edition!

Remember to provide a real, working email address, that links you with the donation.

You will have to forward the receipt you get on email from the UN or CARE, along with a code of minimum 8 secret characters that only you know, to me at sales@components4developers.com.

I will then send a license email back to you.

You will follow the instructions of the license email, and register your request for kbmMW Enterprise Edition and kbmMemTable Professional Edition on our portal.

As transaction ID enter that secret code that only you (and I, due to your email) know, and make sure to register your real postal address (name, address, zipcode, city and country) as part of your registration on the portal.

Only then you will be granted access to the license.

Help the Ukrainians! They do not deserve what is happening to them!


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