The list is at the moment short.

Why it is like that, with a despot attempting to overtake a country by force, and now putting his nuclear arsenal on high alert, is a mystery to me.

Ukraine may be fighting a fierce battle to keep their sovereignty, but they are actually also fighting for the rest of the free world, although that not being their priority at the moment!

In reality they are laying down their lives for people like us… Delphi developers… and all other sorts of developers.

Usually people are afraid of coming out, stating their true mind about something. Specially companies are scared about what it does to their bottom line. Some companies contains a mix of nationalities, and as such I can understand the mental conflicts that happens within a company, which often results in it keeping quiet.

In Denmark we have a saying “Den der lever stille, lever godt”. Or “The one that lives in quiet has a happy life”. In other words the one that duck whenever something lashes out, and avoids being hit, gains from picking up the leftovers.

I am happy to find out that my country Denmark is not staying quiet, and I see most parts of the world are also not keeping quiet.

So I wonder, why are 3rdparty developers so scared of publicly provide their support for Ukraine against the aggressor? It even goes to the level of posts regarding regional price changes being considered being banned.

Of some reason, censoring is more important for westerners, than avoiding the slaughter of an European people (regardless of sides) or the world order as is.

Please understand that I am fully aware about that most, if not an absolute majority, of Russian citizens, do not want this war to happen, but it is, and some of them will suffer due to loss of a child or brother or sister killed in a battle in a region they have no negative relation to.

But being to scared to take a stance is the same as condoning the crisis to happen.

I hope and wish for this stupidity to end, so we can enjoy the fruitful cooperation between our Russian, Chinese and Ukrainian friends developing cool stuff using Delphi!

Be on the right side of history on this!

In addition to Components4Developers (us), I am happy to list the following 3rdparty developers have chosen to stay on the right side of history: – Banned sales to Russia and Belarus

If you know of other 3rdparty developers who have taken a stance, feel free to let me know and I will update this list.


9 thoughts on “Delphi 3rdparty developers that actively supports Ukraine”
  1. Can you also add to the banned list the USA for the destruction of sovereign Yugoslavia, for the bombing of Iraq and Syria, for the overthrow of the legitimate government of Libya?

    1. You obviously needs some history lessons Alex.
      Start out with this:
      Then read this:
      Yugoslavia was forcefully put together by a dictator, and it was exploding from the inside out in various smaller or bigger events ever since.
      Did US “help” that movement… yes most likely starting from 1984, but the base reason any “success” was the internal fractions and province nationalistic tendencies that was already existing.
      Apart from the history lesson, it HAS NO BEARING ON UKRAINE!

  2. Yes, we need to view a full list of companies who are support fascism and the destruction of civilians in Donetsk and Luhansk

    1. Stupid comment Alex.
      It was not Ukraine that invaded Russian territory. It was “little green absolutely not Russian men” that invaded and overtook the power in those territories. And now it is “little green men again” but this time at least out of the bush, showing themselves as Russian.
      There are NO excuse for this invasion what so ever!
      I am proud of trying to stay on the right side of history on this one. You ought to do the same, many Russians are well aware that what is happening now, is not right.

  3. Although I see it as a good cause and I’m against what is happening. I’m disappointed to see the lack of rage when in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan cities were/are completely destroyed and hundreds of thousands of civilians were/are killed. Even the decision to bomb Yugoslavia and separate Kosovo were made exclusively by NATO, not the UN. You may create good guys and bad guys or justifications for past actions, but based on your comments that’s not your point/ goal but the humanitarian crisis it creates, which is the same one that was created on all those countries when they were invaded. I’m sad to see that European life’s are more important than those from Africa, Middle east or in any case almost everywhere else in the world. I doubt I’ll ever see you posting “I will not sell to the super power on the west” doesnt matter what they do and they have done a lot, unless it is in Europe off course. In any case, is your statement and I respect it.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Firstly I am 100% focused on what is going on in Ukraine. What is happening does not only have an impact on Ukraine, but the rest of Europe why it obviously is in need of attention. I am sure if you feel your home place being attacked or in danger of being attacked, then you would react too in one way or the other.
      Secondly, war is bad, civilian casualties are bad, regardless of where it happens. This is not a religious war, it is not even really a war about minerals or rare metals or food or water. It is a war without ANY reason except the delusions of a despot trying to hide his own crimes in the fog of war.
      Although I know most wars are blamed on the US, it is not really the full truth for the majority of them.
      The Yugoslavian war was something going on since the forced dictatorship in 1928ish, and there were all sorts of problems and attacks between the fractions all the way until the break up of Yugoslavia. It is easy to blame the US, but in reality the base problems started way before the US had any involvement in anything. You should blame the Soviet Union more than the US or NATO, since they were in all practical reasons in charge, like they were in all of eastern Europe.
      I remember the horrendous killings in Srebrenica, and I remember how UN forces did not do anything of all sorts of reasons, one of them not having the mandate.
      I remember the Danish operation “Bøllebank” where Danish battle tanks took out several positions that were attempting to ambush the UN vehicles and positions.
      The war was vicious, but the atrocities did not happen because of the UN or US or EU or Denmark being there, but despite them.
      The fighting in Africa is going on about all sorts of things. And yes I believe there are most likely western big business involved there too, at least in some of the conflicts. That is terrible, and again all conflicts should be stopped.
      The fighting in the Middle East usually has been against some dictator that was treating some parts of the population ok, but the remaining badly. The uprising would not happen, regardless of external involvement, if citizens would be content with their system.
      The exit from Afghanistan was terrible and was entirely a shit show left behind by Trump and is complete ignorance. However there is truth in the fact that it is extremely difficult to make people talk with each other when corruption and religion goes hand in hand, because nobody wants to loose out. So I somewhat understand the rationale of leaving, but I absolutely think the control should have been moved to UN level although I have personally heard from war correspondents that there really was no solution, and the warlords had no intention at any time of putting down arms and cooperate, and the sitting government, regardless of who it would have been would be extremely corrupt.
      On the surface it looks easy to just say no to war, but we are dealing with humans.
      I will not silently accept the Ukrainian war, and certainly not that Putin is going to dictate that numerous European countries should be moved back in time into the rule of Russia again, against their will.
      So blame me for this, I do not care. I am loosing loads of money on caring, but I am at least not in physical danger like the brave people of Ukraine!

    1. Hi coward hiding behind an american IP address, and a fake email address.
      Surely I have more heart than brain in this case, would you not say that?
      In fact I have more courage and spine than you obviously have! Tossing out idiotic comments without being man or woman enough to stand by it!

  4. Russian aggressors need to be shut down from our computer technology. The whole Czech Republic is behind Ukraine ! We have extensive experience with Russian aggressors from our history.

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