We are happy to announce v. 5.19.00 of the most complete development toolkit for Delphi and C++Builder for building native modular and fast multi-tier solutions.

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We strive hard to ensure kbmMW continues to set the bar for what an n-tier product must be capable of in the real world!

This is a significant new release with further i18n features, performance optimizations, bugfixes and many other additions and improvements.. This release require the use of kbmMemTable v. 7.96.00 or newer.

The release includes:

  • I18n text decomposition support
  • I18n unit conversion
  • Improved YAML comment support
  • Performance optimized native transport
  • Performance optimized JSON
  • Listview I18n support
  • SmartBinding improvements and I18n support
  • Assisted date/time validation with automatic start/end range feature

Please check the end of this post for a detailed change list.

Professional and Enterprise Edition is available for all with a current active SAU. If your SAU has run out, please visit our shop to extend it with another 12 months.

Community Edition (CE) can be used as a 60 day trial, alternatively as a free product, provided the license is followed. Please read license.txt file for details. CE supports a large subset of the Enterprise Edition features, but may have technical and artificial limitations in certain areas. It only supports a specific Delphi/Win32 SKU, produce Win32 executables and do not include source.

Please visit https://portal.components4developers.com to download.


kbmMW is the premiere n-tier product for Delphi, C++Builder and FPC on Win32, Win64, Linux, Java, PHP, Android, IOS, .Net, embedded devices, websites, mainframes and more.

Please visit http://www.components4developers.com for more information about kbmMW.


Components4Developers is a company established in 1999 with the purpose of providing high quality development tools for developers and enterprises. The primary focus is on SOA, EAI and systems integration via our flagship product kbmMW.

kbmMW is currently used as the backbone in hundreds of central systems, in hospitals, courts, private, industries, offshore industry, finance, telecom, governments, schools, laboratories, rentals, culture institutions, FDA approved medical devices, military and more.

 5.19.00 Mar 29 2022

        Important notes (changes that may break existing code)
        * Require kbmMemTable v. 7.96 or newer!

        New stuff
        - Added several new methods to TkbmMWRTTI class.
        - Added support for translating VCL listview in kbmMWI18N.
        - Added Subscribe and Unsubscribe methods to log manager.
          Adds ability to add other parties interested in log data,
          including events and procedures on an arbitrary log manager.
        - Updated SmartBind to also support I18N on bindings with the option set to i18n.
        - Updated TkbmMWDateTimeCompiledFormat to support optional date/time parts.
          Parts can be followed by ? (optional. If data not provided, use now value)
          ?0 (optional. If data not provided use lowest possible value)
          ?9 (optional. If data not provided, use highest possible value)
          Great for quick user input of start/end values for date/times ranges.
        - Added DontParseHeader property to TkbmMWHTTPTransportStreamHelper.
          Allows for only partial parsing of HTTP headers to improve performance.
          Code requring fully parsed headers, needs to handle the parsing itself.
        - Added TkbmMWCustomLockFreeHashArray<K,T> dictionary type class.
        - Added TkbmMWDynamicLockFreeHashArray<T>
        - Added support for decomposition of text before translation in I18N.
        - Added unit conversion in I18N
        - Added support for inline SVG and file based flags in I18N.
        - Added optional (default enabled) simple _ method for I18N translation.
        - Added support for keyboard regions in I18N. Works in tandem with kbmFMX
          virtual keyboard.

       	Changes/minor additions
        - Performance optimized native transport.
        - Improved SmartEvent shutdown.
        - Performance optimized kbmMW native JSON parser.
        - Added LateTyping to TkbmMWJSONStreamer (default false).
          If set to true, it will read all numeric properties as strings,
          allowing late conversion to something else via the As.... methods.
        - Updated all kbmMW SQL function enhancements to support kbmMemTable v. 7.96
        - Improved Delphi code generation in marshaller.
        - Moved many kbmMWDebugxxx methods and global variables to kbmMWLog unit.
        - Added Options property to TkbmMWYAMLStreamer. Currently supports mwyoStrictComment.
          If not set (default), allows a comment to start right after the # character.
          However to follow YAML syntax precisely, # should be followed by a space
          for the rest to be considered a comment.
        - Performance optimized TkbmMWStringBuilder.
        - Updated SQLite adapter to support SQLite versions not supporting
          sqlite3_column_table_name method.

        - Fixed heartbeat continuing to run when transport disconnected.
        - Fixed bugs in native transport.
        - Fixed JPEG compression library with regards to FMX.
        - Fixed ORM with regards to class defined read only properties.
        - Fixed SaveToxxxx in CSV, JSON, YAML, TXT streamers when data is 0 length.
        - Fixed incorrect default mimetype in JSONRPC streamformat.
        - Fixed AJAX transport stream format.
        - Fixed TkbmMWRTTI class.
        - Fixed YAML parsing bugs.
        - Fixed bugs in SmartBind.
        - Fixed XML streamformat.
        - Fixed TkbmMWSQLiteSQLRewriter.RewriteDescribeTable.
        - Reverted to not attempting to marshal local properties on non object types.


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    1. It is a perpetual license. It includes updates for 6 months after purchase. Additional 12 months can be added (SAU extension) to have access to newer releases, but you can continue to use the version you have also after the SAU expires.

  1. Your websites to purchase this are timing out. I would like to purchase, but am unable to get to your store site.

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