This blog post builds on the previous blogpost which explained how to compile kbmMemTable runtime package for Windows 64 bit using only C++ personality.


  • Compile kbmMemTable C++ only runtime package as 32 bit.
  • Compile kbmMemTable C++ only designtime package as 32 bit and install it in the IDE.
  • Follow description in this blogpost to compile kbmMemTable C++ only runtime package as 64 bit.

Step by step

Create a new VCL application in the C++Builder only personality:

Add the components TkbmMemTable, TDBGrid, TDataSource, TDBNavigator and TButton to the form:

Set the property DataSource1.Dataset to kbmMemTable1

Set the property DBGrid1.DataSource to DataSource1

Set the property DBNavigator1.DataSource to DataSource1

Double click kbmMemTable1 and add two new fields:

  • Fld1 – Integer – Data
  • Fld2 – String (50) – Data

Double click Button1 and make sure the event handler looks like this:

void __fastcall TForm2::Button1Click(TObject *Sender)

Setup C++Builders search path for where to find kbmMemTable’s include (hpp) files. It is typically left in kbmMemTable’s source directory unless you have modified the kbmMemTable project files to output the header files elsewhere:


Setup the C++ linker, not to link with runtime packages:

Save all and build the project.


This is all that is needed to compile applications containing kbmMemTable for Win64.




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